Brush Cutter 4 Stroke 35cc Petrol engine Back Pack Crop / Grass Cutter Machine Gx35 Type

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  1. Powerful 35cc 4-stroke engine for efficient cutting and reduced emissions.
  2. Versatile cutting head for precise trimming of overgrown grass and dense vegetation.
  3. Comfortable backpack design with padded straps for extended use.
  4. Durable construction for long-lasting performance in tough conditions.
  5. Easy maintenance with access to Insight Agrotech's spare parts and accessories.

Introducing the 4-Stroke Brush Cutter – a powerful and versatile garden tool designed for efficient lawn care and weed control. With its cutting-edge technology and superior performance, this brush cutter is a must-have for both professionals and gardening enthusiasts.

Equipped with a reliable 4-stroke engine, this brush cutter delivers exceptional power and precision. Its advanced design ensures efficient fuel consumption, allowing for longer operation time without the need for frequent refueling. Whether you’re clearing crops, taming overgrown grass, or maintaining your garden, this 4-stroke brush cutter is up to the task.

The ergonomic design of this tool enhances user comfort and convenience. Its lightweight build and adjustable straps provide optimal weight distribution and reduce fatigue during prolonged use. With a secure grip and minimized vibrations, you’ll have precise control over your cutting tasks.

With its durable metal blade and wide cutting width, this brush cutter effortlessly tackles dense vegetation, tall grass, and stubborn weeds. It’s the perfect companion for effective weed control and crop cutting. Maintain your garden or clear fields with ease and efficiency using this versatile tool.

Safety is a top priority. The brush cutter is equipped with a safety harness that keeps the machine securely in place during operation, ensuring peace of mind and preventing accidents. Additionally, the reliable ignition system ensures easy starting, eliminating the frustrations often associated with pull-start engines.

We understand the importance of long-term reliability and easy maintenance. Spare parts for this brush cutter are readily available, making upkeep hassle-free. Insight Agrotech is committed to providing exceptional customer support and after-sales service to guarantee your satisfaction.

Upgrade your lawn care routine with the 4-Stroke Brush Cutter. This high-performance garden tool offers unmatched power, precision, and efficiency. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a gardening enthusiast, invest in this top-notch brush cutter and experience the difference it makes in your outdoor maintenance tasks.

Engine Specification:

  • Model: GX35-Type,
  • Engine type: air-cooled, 4 stroke, single-cylinder,
  • Engine model: 1E39F,
  • Displacement: 35.8cc,
  • Rated output power: 0.8kw/7500rpm,
  • Idle speed: 3600rpm,
  • Carburetor: diaphragm type,
  • Shaft length: 1500mm,
  • Shaft diameter: 26mm/28mm


Additional information

Weight 12.5 kg
Engine Displacement

35 CC

Engine Type

4 Stroke

Product Type

Brush Cutter

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23 Reviews For This Product

  1. 23

    by Prisha (verified owner)

    Awesome product.

    1 product
  2. 23

    by Charvi (verified owner)

    Now it works very well Best deal value for money ☺☺☺

    1 product
  3. 23

    by Anika (verified owner)

    Very good quality product, I am very happy

    1 product
  4. 23

    by Dhanuk (verified owner)

    worth the money charged

    1 product
  5. 23

    by Dhanuk (verified owner)

    I like it

    1 product
  6. 23

    by Hamsika (verified owner)

    Nice products with a range

    1 product
  7. 23

    by Jaisvi (verified owner)

    Product quality is very good…well service and packaging..

    1 product
  8. 23

    by Aryaman (verified owner)


    1 product
  9. 23

    by Aarav (verified owner)

    Excellent performance

    1 product
  10. 23

    by Maitreyi (verified owner)

    Easy to use…. More capable…

    1 product
  11. 23

    by Advik (verified owner)

    Product quality is very good…well service and packaging..

    1 product
  12. 23

    by Maitreyi (verified owner)

    very very good product

    1 product
  13. 23

    by Anika (verified owner)

    Good product, worth buying it.

    1 product
  14. 23

    by Lasya (verified owner)

    The product is very very nice

    1 product
  15. 23

    by Aadrika (verified owner)

    worth the money charged

    1 product
  16. 23

    by Harshad (verified owner)

    This brush cutter has made my yard work so much easier.

    1 product
  17. 23

    by Jhanvi (verified owner)

    I’m a convert to Insight Agrotech brush cutters.

    1 product
  18. 23

    by Jivika (verified owner)

    This brush cutter is a lifesaver!

    1 product
  19. 23

    by Raghav (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

    1 product
  20. 23

    by Ira (verified owner)

    Insight Agrotech brush cutters are the best!

    1 product
  21. 23

    by Arjun (verified owner)


    1 product
  22. 23

    by Lavanya (verified owner)

    Excellent product from Insight Agrotech I suggest everyone goes with it.

    1 product
  23. 23

    by Samarth (verified owner)

    This brush cutter is the best thing since sliced bread.

    1 product

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Brush Cutter 4 Stroke 35cc Petrol engine Back Pack Crop / Grass Cutter Machine Gx35 Type 4 Stroke Brush Cutters Insight Agrotech

Brush Cutter 4 Stroke 35cc Petrol engine Back Pack Crop / Grass Cutter Machine Gx35 Type

10,499.0013,400.00 (-22%)

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