Earth Auger 225 cc 4-Stroke With 20 Inch Bit And Two Wheel Heavy Trolly

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  1. Conquer tough terrain: 225cc engine drills through hard soil, clay, and even compacted ground with ease.
  2. Clean & efficient: Eco-friendly 4-stroke design reduces noise, vibration, and emissions.
  3. Precise planting: 20-inch auger bit ensures clean, accurate holes for trees, shrubs, fence posts, and more.
  4. Effortless transport: Convenient two-wheel trolley lets you wheel the auger anywhere you need it.
  5. Versatile tool: Perfect for various projects, including gardening, landscaping, fence installations, and construction.
  6. Built to last: Durable construction and quality materials guarantee a long lifespan.
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Introducing the Earth Auger 225cc – Your Ultimate Landscaping Companion!

Discover the power and efficiency of the Earth Auger 225cc, your heavy-duty garden earth auger designed to revolutionize gardening and landscaping tasks. This versatile 4-stroke earth auger comes with a convenient two-wheel trolley, making it the ideal tool for both professionals and gardening enthusiasts.

With its robust 225cc engine, the Earth Auger 225cc effortlessly drills through various terrains, from soft soil to compact ground. Its advanced 4-stroke design ensures cleaner and more fuel-efficient operation, reducing noise and vibration. Experience smooth digging, increased productivity, and reduced environmental impact, all packed into this impressive package.

The included 20-inch earth auger bit, crafted for maximum efficiency, guarantees precise and clean drilling. Plant trees, shrubs, fence posts, and more with ease, thanks to the Earth Auger 225cc’s heavy-duty construction, offering unparalleled durability.

Transportation becomes a breeze with the user-friendly trolley, allowing you to wheel the earth auger effortlessly to your desired location. Forget about back-breaking labor; focus on the digging itself with this thoughtful design.

Embrace the unmatched versatility of this garden earth auger! Perfect for various applications, including gardening projects, large-scale landscaping, fence installations, and even construction tasks. Its adaptability and powerful performance make it an essential tool for any outdoor project.

Crafted with durability in mind, the Earth Auger 225cc is built to last. Its sturdy construction and quality materials ensure a long-lasting companion that will serve you for years to come.

In conclusion, the Earth Auger 225cc is the epitome of a reliable and efficient digging companion. With its high-performance engine, 20-inch earth auger bit, and user-friendly trolley, this versatile machine is a game-changer for your landscaping needs. Elevate your gardening experience and dig with precision, speed, and ease using the Earth Auger 225cc!


  • Displacement: 225 cc,
  • Engine type: 1P65 air cooled, 4 stroke engine,
  • Rated power: 6.2kw/3600rpm,
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1500ml,
  • Fuel: Petrol,
  • Starting system: recoil start,
  • Ignition type: C.D.I
  • Two Wheel Heavy Duty Trolly

Suitable Bit 20 Inch, 16 Inch, 12 Inch


Additional information

Weight 95 kg
Engine Displacement

225 CC

Engine Type

4 Stroke

Product Type

Earth Auger

Bit Size

20 Inch Dia

Trolly Type

2 Wheel Trolley Heavy

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Earth Auger 225 cc 4-Stroke With 20 Inch Bit And Two Wheel Heavy Trolly 225CC Earth Augers Insight Agrotech

Earth Auger 225 cc 4-Stroke With 20 Inch Bit And Two Wheel Heavy Trolly

57,200.0079,500.00 (-28%)

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